Big Beautiful Wedding Balloons for Centrepieces

The holiday season is a popular time for significant others get down on one knee and pop the question (or at least we are hoping they do)!

Once you say “YES” it’s on and planning mode is in full effect!  Date, time, venue, guest list, dresses, wedding favors the list goes on and on and before you know it you are well over budget.

Over the past 12 years BOTF! has been creating wedding centrepieces with and without balloons.   I’ve come to realize that as far as design and decor is concerned, centrepieces and head table decor tend to top the list of priorities for most brides.

Wedding centrepieces don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, but if created correctly with the proper attention to detail, they will look like they do!  3 foot balloons are the perfect way to add glamour and style to your special day

These big beautiful balloons can be relatively inexpensive and quite effective in bringing a burst of colour into your venue and creating a dramatic setting.

The key to not making it look like a children’s birthday party is to keep the colour simple.  Choose one colour from your theme and have all your balloons in that colour.

You may already have a centrepiece for your wedding, and looking for a way to add to it or to add room decor.  Simply attach a helium filled 3 foot balloon with monofilament line to your existing centrepiece and just like that you have created a big impact for when your guests walk in and you have instant room decor!  Be sure that your centerpieces are heavy enough to hold the weight of the 3ft balloons.

Once the balloons are attached have 2 to 3 different heights, so that when you and your guests are looking though the room your eyes don’t stop at one level.

Some brides feel that they need flowers to make a dramatic effect at their wedding.  I say not necessary, balloons add glamour and excitement at a fraction of the cost!

If you do not have a centrepiece in mind give us a call and we will be happy to create a fabulous one for you!

Balloons are a stylish way to fill a big space.

Starfish and Shells

glass centrepiece with fishes


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